Taking care of yourself

It is very important for your own state of mind, self esteem and respect to look after yourself health wise. You may not feel like it after suffering abuse regardless of the severity, but it is crucial to help you move forward. It is very wise (if you haven’t already done so) to seek counselling, go to a women’s centre – men can go too, and visit your doctor.  From a mental point of view, talking to a counsellor or psychologist will help you understand your emotions and help you accept that what you are feeling is normal. Visiting your doctor can also help you not just physically, but mentally as they can refer you to other services. Many GP’s are specialised in certain fields and if you find the right one, they will support you through your health journey.

I started by seeking help from my GP for a referral, while also speaking to a counsellor at a women’s refuge. Both listened to my problems, my emotions and helped direct me to a point where I could deal and understand what was happening to me. What was great about my GP is that he has been my doctor since I was 6 years old. So he knows my health history as well as my life journey. Not sure where to go when he retires……but in saying that a fresh perspective from someone else may be beneficial.

But both the counsellor and doctor, as well as my psychologist, and many friends and work colleagues, all said the same thing: I need to look after my myself first. I had my children, I had my jobs, I had a life to live.