Small Steps

So you may have read a few of my posts. If you have you will be able to perhaps understand something of the situation I came to find myself in. But in a continuation of my Taking Care of Yourself page, here is some more insight into my physical health. It’s just a matter of small steps all the way.

I always wore sunscreen everyday. I always moisturised. I always did my nails. I felt I looked OK for my age. That all stopped when I began to no longer care for myself, during the relationship I was in.

My diet was reasonable, but I had stopped eating after I ‘got out’. So I began to eat again. Pretty much the only good meal I had each week was the lunch that my work colleague gave me on a Monday and Tuesday – she is the chef where I work. And I know it was healthy because we work in childcare. I expanded on that and got some frozen meals – usually Weight Watchers. I also bought some fruit every now and then. It was very hard to be interested in food when you were depressed, anxious, uptight, annoyed, angry, all those things and I got to the point that I would eat only enough to keep functioning. I lost weight of course.

However, the time came when I realised that I cannot portray myself as someone worthwhile if I didn’t treat myself as worthwhile. I had to be a better person. The better person. If I didn’t show the world that I could look after myself, how could I get my children to change their views of me? I needed to get myself back on track. Small steps.

So I began by forcing myself to shower, taking time to do my hair, looking after my skin and nails again. I began to see small improvements in my skin. I started to look a bit more upbeat, more happy with myself. I had my hair done and the comments I received were great. I had lost weight, went down a pants size, but I’m happy with that. I want to maintain that but do it correctly.

Mentally I was not doing so great, however a set of books were really helping me get through this. The books, by Kate James, really help you focus on reducing stress in your life, by simplifying it, change how you think, and believe in yourself. Kate is a coach, a mediation teacher and runs her own business, Total Balance.

Small steps in looking after yourself physically and mentally, will help you to become the person you are. I am still on that journey, but I look in the mirror and say “I will Empower Myself”.

3 thoughts on “Small Steps

  1. This is such an inspiring read! It’s great that you’re willing to put your story out their to help motivate and empower others. Self-love is really powerful and I’m glad that you are spreading the message of how important it is to take care of yourself!

    Brilliant post, thank you! I hope that you carry on writing great articles like this one.

  2. I love this article. Especially when you said “…the time came when I realised that I cannot portray myself as someone worthwhile if I didn’t treat myself as worthwhile.” That is so very true and powerful. I wish women all over the world could read that statement! You have been through so much in your life and I know how hard it is to share. However, you share it with such style and grace. I applaud you and have the deepest respect for the person who have become.

    I can’t wait to read more of your articles. What will you write about next?

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Keep up the great work.


    1. Thanks Yvette for your positive words! Yes I think many women and even men need to better accept who they are and feel empowered within their lives. It can be done, just believe in yourself!

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