Look Good, Feel Good

So you have your independence back, your ability to make choices for yourself. So now it’s time to make changes. Sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference.

Do you feel good about yourself? Maybe not so much at this stage, and you find looking at yourself in the mirror does not make you feel good inside. Appearance is not and should not be everything. However, if you look good, believe you look good, you will feel good. You will permeate a positive feeling that others will pick up. They will comment on how you look, and you will smile again.

So start with the little things. How about a haircut or colour? You may not be able to afford a visit to a salon, but you could pick up a home colour kit, even a semi permanent. Perhaps you know someone who could cut hair. Lifting a couple of inches off your crop can lift some weight off your shoulders.

Make some small changes to your wardrobe. Buy a new scarf, add a belt to your jeans, or even wear jewellery – quite often these can just upmarket your look and you feel a whole lot better about yourself, especially when you receive compliments.

It doesn’t have to be major bank account changes, just start small. It truly is the little things that go a long way.