Do Men really think Women need someone to save them?

The other day I was talking to a work colleague, who pointed out that in fairy-tales women are portrayed as damsels in distress always needing a male. So it made me think do men really think women need someone to save them – to be their knight in shining armour – their fairy-tale?

From an early age we are taught from fairy tales that females require a man to be the saviour, the hope, the love, the romancer and the protector. As children we don’t really understand and think that this is how it should be. As we grow we see men in society as being just that, we may see our fathers being the worker and making the money for the house, we may see men as always driving for family outings, and of course in movies we see men as taking control of situations. Except Lara Croft.

So in retrospect, do men think that is what we need? Do they think that we think that?

Not anymore I hope. There are of course, the ideal relationships, where the man is the fairy-tale. I myself love that feeling. However not to the point where you are treated like a useless idiot, incapable of even pushing a shopping trolley around! – (in my partners defence it is because he is just a gentleman, he does not consider me useless.)

So where are the fairy-tales where women save the men? Where are the men that are locked away in the woods looking after 7 working women? There are snippets here and there, like the Little Mermaid who has determination to save her daughter, or Beauty who rushes to the Beasts aid. There are others of course, but it is always a fairy-tale ending where the male is the ultimate saviour (Mulan is the ONLY exception!). Just look at how the male has his arms around the female, or he is shown bigger, taller, more ideal.

Why are women portrayed so useless and pitiful?

So you prick your finger on a spinning wheel. There’s blood. Do you faint like a princess or do you stick your finger in your mouth and move on?

I’m moving on. I’m off to cut my own way through the brambled hedge-fence from my side. I will watch the knight fight the dragon from another mountain. I don’t have time to wait and ponder a 100 year sleep. I want to live now, and I will do it without being cast as a needy unintelligent incapable woman.


10 thoughts on “Do Men really think Women need someone to save them?

  1. Well, both men and women are created to have different roles on earth. I have to say, these roles created are perfect in the sense that men and women are supposed to compliment each others’ strengths and weaknesses. However, over time, there are egoistic men who realized the true power of women and unable to accept that women can be so much greater then them, and thus used the opportunity and women’s gentle nature to overpower women using their physical strength to put their point across.

    Once again, I re-iterate. Both men and women have our own strengths and weaknesses, by which we are meant to compliment each other. But since the medieval times, physical strength have been used to mind wash people that it’s the only and true strength that a human can have, and emotional strength have been clouded as weak and thus easily overpowered.

    In all honesty, the only reason a woman needs protection from a man is to protect her from other men. Imagine a world of women without men. Women will come up with ideas and ways to make survival happen. She can protect herself from other women. Nature? No men nor women can protect themselves fully against nature. But women may not be able to protect herself fully with men who have natural physical strength. Sure, we can always come up with marital arts to bring down a man harassing a woman physically, but yes, women needs a man’s protection only to protect her from other men.

    1. Yes you are right – women and men are like yin and yang – we compliment each other. Interesting thought on women only needing men to save themselves from other men – I like it – I may expand on that! Thank you!

  2. As a man, I have to agree that women are often times portrayed as damsels in distress. It is easy for people to wrap their heads around. It is part of our culture. Men are taught to pursue women in that way. In real life though, that is not the case. Women are just as capable, strong, and intelligent, if not more so, than men. I would like to see more stories with a complex female heroine. It really interesting to read a story like that. Thank you for sharing. It was a good read.

    1. I am glad you agree Alex. It is difficult when we have been ‘culturised’ that way. Perhaps there may be a new fairy tale being released with a stronger female in it. We can only hope . . .

  3. This is a very interesting post. I don’t like how women are being portrayed as weak, vulnerable and useless. Just like you mentioned, every princess cartoon movies always show female being weak and need the prince to save her. I know there are woman that like to be treated like a princess all the time. I don’t mind it every once in a while. But when there is no man around, I learned to do everything myself. I would rather use my knowledge ad my brain then relating on someone to take care or “save” me. Great article. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Interesting article. I actually never looked at fairy tales in this way I guess because they are fairy tales. But Snow White sure had those dwarfs cleaned up and that cabin spiffy. I live in Texas and men here would be pretty stupid to classify a Texas woman as weak, co-dependent, helpless, etc. He had better run if he makes that mistake.
    I am sure that there are some men who probable feel like they want to put their lady on a pedestal and do every little thing for her and I’m also sure there are women out there who would love that. I am not one of them. God gave me a brain and I choose to use it, frequently.
    Great read. Love the website. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Deborah (great name!). Yes I have heard about Texas women – not to be messed with! I am glad you found the article interesting and am happy to know you use you brain frequently as do I! Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. This is an inspiring post. I wish there were lots more books for children and film that empowers women and justice. Still today, men and women are socialized differently from their childhood on and the stereotype of the prince and the savior is still way too present. I think whatever happens, like you say ” stick your finger in your mouth and move on” ! Moving on and moving forward ! Thank you for sharing and for the power !

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