Are you suddenly more nervous than you were before? Do you pace up and down a room, chew your nails or have even developed an OCD trait? Well chances are you may be suffering from anxiety issues. And who can blame you, after what you have been through.

Anxiety is not fear. It is an expectation that something will happen. Fear is a genuine response to an immediate threat, like a vicious dog trying to get at you, or someone with a weapon, or even losing your wallet and keys. Anxiety is waiting for that situation, expecting it to happen, or expecting something that will cause that same feeling you had WHEN you were in fear.

Some people who have never suffered from it may just assume you are over-reacting to something. You are judged on your nervousness, the fleeting looks around you, the constant checking of locked doors and windows. You can’t concentrate on a single thing and you may begin to shake at an irrational thought that something might happen.

Basically, you are all tied up.

Sometimes the best way to come out of anxiety, is to first admit you are anxious. That probably isn’t too hard to do. For me, the anxious feeling only reduced when I knew that my partner had been sentenced (ironically, he was himself suffering from anxiety, and was quite glad to finally have been placed into custody).

I was constantly looking down side roads, searching the streets, on the look out for his face. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t feel any threat from him, so I was jittery for no apparent reason. But there was a reason. After much counselling, I discovered what anxiety really meant and why I was feeling this way. I had other contributing factors to my situation, not just the domestic abuse, but with understanding came results.

There are ways to reduce your anxiety, from natural methods to medications. You need to consult your doctor on this one, I’m afraid. I am not able to diagnose or determine your level of anxiety and offer treatment. I can only tell you that I had counselling, and did a lot of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to support my non medicinal beliefs.

As I have mentioned in other areas of my website, I coloured in. I am so relaxed doing this. My anxiety goes away. When I feel a niggling of it returning, I will pull out my colour pencils! I also read books, and researched more on the subject. I still have a long way to go, I admit, but I feel better.

I have Empowered Myself.