Age 47: How to improve your spoon shape



Unfortunately there are people out there who will tell you how you need to improve yourself. Even at age 47. They will tell you to dress this way, talk this way, do this or do that. Of course they are opinions. No actual person can tell you what to do, but you can be advised as to how.

It depends on what it is you would like to improve. Is IT the way you dress, or your hair or your language, body language even? For myself, I would like to improve my shape. I assume you may have guessed that I am aged 47, or I wouldn’t be writing this!

By my looks I mean physically. I have reasonable good dress sense. My style is for my age, the colours are OK and I am now dressing for my size correctly. But I am not happy with my SHAPE. Now I found this awesome website that you place your actual measurements in and it tells you what shape you are. I came back being a ‘spoon’. I hadn’t always been a spoon of course. But over time it developed from my years of sitting down at work (yes it does contribute a lot – so get up and move!) as well as having four children, plus as they say, aging.

So why bother now?

This morning I read this very interesting blog from a lovely woman whose has transformed her body from, well, something I actually considered pretty good, to something to dream of! Well when she started out, she was 38. She is now 40 I believe, but I am telling you – she looks 20.

Now you might be thinking, why bother – she is 7 years younger and has had the opportunity at a younger age to really focus on weight loss. Well, just because she was still in her 30’s (late 30’s mind you), she was aging. You may ask what was HER body shape when she started. Well, she pretty much looked like my shape from when I was in my late 20’s. And besides, I am not focussed on weight loss, and neither was she. She needed a health makeover. She wanted her mind body and spirit to be healthier. Part of that for her was getting her physical body in a better condition so her inner self could be at peace.

The first line read: “Who said a muffin top is a given at the age of 40?”

To back that up, she had photos. And there was no muffin top to be seen at the age of 40. Yes she has worked for it, but has proven that the statement is NOT true. You don’t automatically get a muffin top at the age of 40. That made me think about myself. My partner – despite the bad times with the abuse – always said I had a beautiful body for my age. But I had always said to him, gee I wish I had a body like that. His repsonse?

“You are older now and that is the way it is, you can’t ever go back.”

I had always resigned myself to that. But after reading her comment and seeing her pictures, I said no way, I will get it back. I can get it back. Now I am not stupid, I am realistic and know that I am getting older. But if I do not try, then I will never know, correct?

In any case, for the past 15 days, I have been following the instructions on an app from Google playstore that I am really enjoying. It is a workout aimed at increasing the stability of the buttocks. I must say, although I haven’t seen improvement (taking a picture of your back is actually hard in the mirror – any pointers?) I can FEEL improvement. I just feel a bit firmer and my underwear isn’t quite as slack looking, that is they look more inplace correctly – if that makes any sense. I do not want a Beyoncé style bottom, or Jennifer Lopez. I just want a lift.

I want to go from a crinkly elephant to a smoother zebra to a desirable derriere.

OK maybe just the zebras……


But this is for myself.

So I am going to take a journey with this (slightly) younger woman’s advice and see where it takes me. Because to me, I have empowered myself to feel better. This is how I feel will help my mind and soul. I am not superficial. I do not judge people by their looks. But I will be honest and say that if I look better, then I will feel better. It will help me with self confidence. It will improve my health. I want to feel good about myself again, and I encourage everyone to find what makes them feel good about themselves. As of today, this is mine.


2 thoughts on “Age 47: How to improve your spoon shape

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Deborah. I needed something positive like this to remind me that it is okay to want to look better, even if it is for myself. In the past, I used to feel guilty for thinking this way. In fact, most of my friends and relatives think it is weird to think that way, and they say it’s perfectly fine to have a muffin top and a dropping ‘booty’ as we age. I still flirt with the idea of learning about strategies to look at least 10 years younger.:-)
    If I may ask, what is this Google app that you’re using?

    1. Hi Princila, thank you for your comments! The google app is called Buttocks Workout and I am really starting to feel it now. Mind you I think about the balance of foods I now eat as well. But Ive gone down a pants size because I am less flabby around the muffin top area. I have also been in contact with another woman who has definately proven this ‘infliction’ is not definate nor expected once you hit the forties. Give it a try, what can it hurt? I will be posting my progress pics via social media when I feel the time is right.

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